Friday, 1 February 2013

Changing the colour of the OBIEE login screen.

The second post on customizing the look and feel of OBIEE - changing the colour of the login screen.

Out of the box OBIEE comes with the light blue login screen:

This can be changed by editing the image file and altering the colour as required.

The image file is called background_blue_whitegradient_.png and is located in the following three directories:




Take a backup copy of the file before beginning.

Now edit the file in your favourite image editor – I’ve used paint shop pro.

The image is just a narrow strip of blue to white fading down the screen.


First set the current colour to the what you need – I usually use the dropper tool to obtain the colour from an existing image (such as a screen-shot from a web site).
Now you need to select the paint brush style, with the default stroke type, but set the size to 500 or higher – this would produce a very large faded circle as the paint brush stroke.

At the very top of the image do one mouse click.  Because the image is very narrow you only get a very thin slice of the paint brush stroke, producing the faded colour effect we need.

Save as the image as the original background_blue_whitegradient_.png file and copy to all three directories above overwriting the existing file.

In the browser at the login screen you just need to force a refresh – use Control-F5.

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